Markthalle Neun

Location - Commercial Space - Event Space - Berlin, GERMANY


  • A center of life - nothing less is the Markthalle Neun. A place where food happens. As a craft, as a matter of the heart, as a debate. We are a forum, a laboratory and above all a marketplace for Berliners from all generations and all over the world, for whom good, fair food is just as important as it is to us. Small, independent kitchens, dealers and producers.

    The flavors of the world united in one common concern: everyone must be able to enjoy a good meal. The farmer in the field, the cow in the pasture, our ecosystem and the next generation: How will Berlin become, how will the world be fed in the future?

    We are already asking ourselves this question today. And always try again to answer them with relish, even deliciously. It is not about an "either/or". It is about both. Thai Isan cuisine made from Uckermark vegetables. Dry-Age-Burger of happy outdoor pigs. Cooks who know their farmers. Strong taste without flavor enhancers.

    Our Street Food Thursday, as the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung wrote, is "a democratic restaurant". Good food from and for everyone. Small kitchens, with big ideas. Many contemporary Berlin restaurants in this city have their roots in a street food stand in our hall. We promise you this avant-garde - but above all these flavours. A culinary trip around the world with a common attitude: it is about street kitchens and the recipes of grandmothers. About the authenticity of the craftsmanship and an honest cuisine made from honest ingredients. Street food is a hype? May be. For us it is a promise.

    But because eating is always a holistic pleasure, we also bring the typical atmosphere. Food trucks and street food stands, the lighting mood and the scent of the wide world.

    If you want to know what makes Berlin tick today, you have to taste the street kitchens. We bring these flavors to you - with a portfolio of one hundred Berlin street food vendors from all over the world, and because of our growing network of chefs in this city, we can offer you not only street food. We work together with both emerging and established players in the food scene to serve you food in a convivial atmosphere at a long table or round tables that tell you about the taste and origin of the products.

Location Facts

  • SIZE: > 1000 m2
  • GUEST COUNT: < 500

Features & Equipment

  • Lights
  • Sound system
  • WiFi
  • Tableware
  • Stage
  • Indoor area
  • Catering
  • Toilets

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