Location - Private Home - Villa - Arona, ITALY


  • La Foleia is a special, recently renovated destination. “Foleia” is the Latin word for “follia” which translates into folly, madness. It was first imagined, then realized with art, courage, and determination.

    Once an oak forest, it became a property with a 4000 sqm circle of water filled with a private, natural spring from the Ticino River.

    On the lake’s two opposite shores are two mirrored houses:

    one has an octagonal plan, with French windows that frame the water and the statues that adorn its edges from the living room.

    The other, a neoclassical pavilion, with large windows that open onto a stairway that accompany you into the lake.

    Around it, like curtains adorning the edges of your home, an unmissable variety of trees, plants and flowers, a secret, unimaginable garden, that can't even be fathomed from the gate outside.

    A magical place where nature makes us feel part of a whole and the houses, with their elegant furnishings, are precious stones set in the landscape.

    And where, outside, not far away, the worldly life of Lake Maggiore is still alive.

    Dressed in pale pink with a neoclassical structure, Villa Ottagonale is one of two souls that looks out onto the lake filled with lotuses and water lilies. Large French windows open onto the flower-covered patio illuminated by iron lamps on reserved and somewhat secret tables. Furnished with grace and romanticism, it alternates between muted colours and the stronger tones of natural greens. The living room, surrounded by niches and neoclassical vases, overlooks the patio and the lake shore, and is perfect for summer evenings, winter mornings, aperitifs and dinners. The veranda, used as a dining room, is camouflaged in nature inside and out: flowers and leaves chase each other among the vine leaves and the interior walls, decorated with the same foliage.

    Villa Padiglione is the lake’s other soul, leaning against a stairway that gently descends into the water, amidst vases and stone balls that adorn its edges. The pavilion consists of a marvellous frescoed living room with the colours of perpetual summer. Equipped with a fireplace and windows opening onto the patio in front of the lake where you can enjoy lunches and dinners or just observe the lotus flowers, water lilies and multicoloured ducks and the nature around. The rooms, with soft shades and warm woods and a large library, make it an elegant refuge where one can enjoy the spectacle of the fruit trees, flowers and statues that envelop the house like a gentle protection. Both rooms have a simple, light bathroom, with washbasins set in front of large windows framing flowers and statues. The villa has two bedrooms, one in a Prussian green and one pink, with two grand, momentous bathrooms. The one in mottled black marble even contains a small sky of stars.

Location Facts

  • SIZE: > 1000 m2
  • GUEST COUNT: < 20

Features & Equipment

  • Parking
  • Terrace
  • Indoor area
  • Outdoor area
  • Catering
  • Overnight stay
  • Toilets

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Location - Private Home - Villa - Arona, ITALY

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