Meet the Team

Meet the team behind our passionately curated collection of unique locations for photo, film, and event productions, all around the globe.

As you may have noticed, we have a thing for colors, contrasts, and just the right amount of funk. When it comes to scouting new locations, our mantra is simple: quality over quantity, and a high sensitivity for mood.

After years in the fashion, film, and tech industries between Berlin, Zurich, and Ibiza, we created PLUSH74. We strive to inspire beautiful creative projects and events by gathering the most extraordinary spots and venues around the world. All are made possible through by amazing team of motivated Plushies.

Based in Berlin, Bastian works with all incoming location requests and uses his extensive knowledge as a film producer to make every Plush74 production perfect. 


Client Relations

Marina is a passionate artist who is based in Berlin. Marina looks after all our locations and helps new members become Plush.


Member Relations

Luis works from the Plush74 HQ in Berlin and has broad experience in the film production industry. 


Client Relations

Sophia takes care of all things social at Plush. Sophia is a creative producer based in Berlin. 


Social Media

Eric has been with Plush74 since 2022 and works on the website and marketing.



Cap has been with Plush74 since the beginning and is responsible for all the beautiful location photos we have on our website. Cap for President!  



Sandi works for Plush74 on behalf of, and is responsible for our dear, beautiful, plushy website.


External Web Development

Fabienne is based in Italy and Switzerland and loves looking after all our Swiss Members.


Member Relations

Robin is the founder and CEO of Plush74. He holds the team together and leads the way from his snowy Alpine oasis.